Leaflet – a business card of your products or services. And as well as a business card, it is not only a way to express yourself and leave the contacts for communication, but also a convenient showcase on which you can lay out the best deals for your potential buyers.

Tip! Apart from the usual presentation functions, leaflets can also serve as the basis of an illustrated catalog. For example, you own a flower shop, and as long as you are dealing with one of the buyers, others can look through the catalog to your flower arrangements and choose a favorite option. Print Directory – expensive pleasure, especially when the range is constantly changing.

Take the finished folder on metal rings and put back the printed leaflets with flower arrangements. Cheap, cheerful, FAST! Not quite nicely? It does not matter. Today it is possible to order the production design folder on the rings, and small circulation.

I like to think, when I spend my money!

(From a conversation with one of our clients)

We fully agree with our client, the more so on their life sizable cheapskate (and what to do), and are accustomed to think about your budget, and automatically think of your. Therefore, for example, to our customers, realtors propose a photo-flyers. Buying property – a long and complicated process, and financially and psychologically. To customers estate agency is best remembered for his proposed options, they should be printed on leaflets. Species Photos of the property, site plans and yard/plot. Additional information about the nearby infrastructure (roads, shops, gardens and schools, security), mortgage terms, rates and contacts – all in one small leaflet with a limited edition. Savings and expediency – to the face!


Printed leaflets can both digitally (for small print runs) and offset. The size of the leaflets is limited only by imagination. They can be folded two or three times to send such a mail correspondence (in the administration of the original contracts or invoices). Paper flyers are selected depending on their use. For distribution – a thin coated paper 80-90 g/m2, for presentations – 110-170 gr/m2 (glossy or matte). In rare cases – designer paper (for example – cafe menu).

Order for production of leaflets.

You can order the design/layout + prepress flyers.
Flyer Design A4, chromaticity 4 + 0 (single-sided) – 1400 rubles. Imposition of 300 rubles.
Flyer Design A4, chromaticity 4 + 4 (two-way) – from 2000 rub. Imposition of 300 rubles.
Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the work.