Flyer – the most popular form of printed products

Production of leaflets – an inexpensive way to deliver information to the consumer. Leaflets can be printed for promotions, presentations, exhibitions and other marketing activities.

Leaflets handed out on the streets, spreading by means of targeted and unaddressed mail. For leaflets only way not to fall into the nearest bin – to interest potential client. Because the requirements for registration flyers higher than any other printed advertising.


– Low cost per contact
– Speed ​​of manufacture
– Mass audience
– You can tell about a product or service in detail
– Fast reaction of consumers


– Fragility
– If posted, must take permission
Common mistakes advertisers can reduce the effectiveness of advertising

Not an attractive design, a lot of unnecessary information, no clear goals and objectives.

The main requirement for the leaflet: pay attention to catch. It accommodates a maximum of minimum information and resources, attract the eye of the target audience. The leaflet can advertise may report can sell.
To advertising was not only item of expenditure, and profitable, it is necessary to develop design flyers engaged professionals.

You need to choose a color scheme or properly use company colors. Need to comply with many conditions and take into account the small nuances.


Leaflets can be printed in 1 color, 2, 3, and full color. For the manufacture of paper leaflets used in density from 80 to 170 g/m2.
To calculate the production and placing flyers manager must znat- format, circulation, color, paper weight. Besides, who and where will distribute leaflets.